6” 3BB Multi-Crystalline Solar Cell

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TS Solartech Cell 3BB

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Physical characteristics

Dimensions :

156 x 156 mm+- 0.5mm

Thickness :

200 µm +- 20 µm (Wafer thickness)



Silver Busbars / Silicon Nitride anti-reflective coating



Silver / Aluminium Busbars; Full-surface aluminium BSF

Temperature coefficients
Voltage (Voc) :

-0.35% / C

Current (Isc) :

+0.052% / C

Power (Pmax) : -0.46% / C



1. High Conversion efficiency.
2. Uniform SiN coating without residual dark spot
3. Precise printing and superior silver contact to ensure easy automatic soldering and tight contact
4. Low Breakage rate by using high quality and stable wafers
5. 100% screened for reverse current and shunt resistance
6. PID free solar cells


Electrical Characteristics



World class high performance multicrystalline solar cells in the market. Applying 3 busbar layout design improves current collection. Thin fingers on the front side and discontinuous busbar on the back side increase the cell efficiency for better performance. Also, the discontinuous busbar reduces the amount of lead/silver paste, and thus help to protect the environment.